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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Kastela, Croatia



Duration: 2 hours
Location: Kaštela, Croatia

From USD

We are grabbing our boards and starting to paddle together into this journey. At the bottom of mountain Kozjak, forming the bay of Kastela ... More info ›

We are grabbing our boards and starting to paddle together into this journey. At the bottom of mountain Kozjak, forming the bay of Kastela. The barbarians devasted it in the early middle ages. The Croats settled here in the seventh century and created here the centre of their state. Thus, 500 years ago there was a significant development of some twenty castles, fortifications, of which nowadays only seven are preserved. Around them settlements were sprouting to finally merge together into the town of Kastela. Seven little stone pearls in one shell

We move on to the Kastel( fortification) built in 1529from the benedictine sisters, on a sea reef called Gomilica. The castle's entrance was protected by a tower erected above a stone bridge permeated with arcades. At the entrance there was a moveable wooden bridge. This Kastilac was one of the location of the well known GAMES OF THRONE SAGA.We will stop at the Kastilac, take a look into the building, take some pictures.

We met at 17:30 at the Baletna Beach.

Big free parking is available.

After a short intodruction we start to paddle to Kastel Kambelovac.

There you can take some pictures or only enjoying the buldiings.

Passing Kastel Gomilica, 

Arrive at Kastilac around 18:30

Well known as a culisse from Games of Throne. We can go inside and see the impressive building, it is great and fascintaing.

Padding around the castle

Taking some picture

enjoying the sunset at the return 

Paddling back to Kastel Kambelovac at 19:00

Arrive at the beach Baletna at 19:30

Coming back to Kambelovac, taking a drink and chill after this experience. The restaurant Baletna SKola is well knwon in Dalmatia.

Relax at the sunset, or take a nice pizza along the beachside

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